McAfee personal Firewall

A Firewall is a Software or Hardware it will detect and block viruses and hackers before they get enter in the computer. McAfee Personal Firewall defines rules for communicating with other computers, websites and Application. If the McAfee Personal Firewall found the network communication that does not define any rules then u will get a alert whether to allow that communication or to block it.

McAfee Personal Firewall act as an defending barrier between the Internet and your PC, It allows you to control what comes in and what goes out. The function of McAfee personal Firewall is to observe internet traffic to avoid suspicious activity, and to provide effective protection without interrupting your activities .

Steps for configuring McAfee personal Firewall:

  1. Double click on McAfee icon which is present on your Desktop.
  2. Open Web and Email Protection
  3. Click on the Firewall Link.
  4. Open the Security levels and select security level. (If you are not sure for selecting security level then u also select default ).
  5. Click Apply.

McAfee will never recommend you to disable  McAfee personal Firewall  but you can disable it occasionally or for temporarily.

Steps for Disabling  McAfee personal Firewall:

  1. Double click on McAfee icon which is present on your Desktop.
  2. Open Web and Email Protection
  3. Click on the Firewall Link.
  4. Click Turn OFF.

McAfee Personal Firewall will offer u 5 different security levels:

  1. Full Access It will not allow you to take any action which are required for connections.
  2. Outgoing Access (default level) It will require little or no actions for connections to be allowed.
  3. Monitored Access It will show you the alerts which allows you to grant access for applications once. Any future changes can be done manually.
  4. Stealth It will Block all the connections which are not configured or any rule is not set for. It will hides your computers presence on the internet.
  5. Lock down It will Block all connections, same as we are unplugging the network cable.

McAfee Personal Firewall for USA and UK

McAfee Personal Firewall software serves as a defense barrier between the Internet and your PC, allowing you to control what goes in and out. The Personal Firewall feature is designed to monitor Internet traffic for suspicious activity and provide effective protection without disrupting your business get help to activate McAfee Personal Firewall for USA and UK on . As soon as you install Personal Firewall, it protects your PC against intrusions and unwanted network traffic. If Personal Firewall is not installed, the home page shows the status of any other firewall protection you may have. If no other firewall is installed, the home page shows the status of your Windows firewall. Firewall security levels allow you to control the number of interactions required to validate communications with your computer. When the firewall detects a network communication for which no rules have been set, an alert prompts you to allow or block that communication.

There are various Features of McAfee Personal Firewall:

  1. It is working with alerts. Provides u alert messages if any unwanted activity is taking place on computer.
  2. It is setting a personal Firewall protection for managing overall security.
  3. It also manages various security levels to avoid suspicious activities on computer.
  4. It will customize your personal Firewall security.
  5. It is locking and restoring your McAfee personal firewall.
  6. Managing programs and also their permissions, where we need to allow the access for programs.
  7. Managing PC connections, where you can configure McAfee personal Firewall to manage specific remote connections to your computer.
  8. It also sets system service ports.
  9. McAfee personal Firewall provides you the facility for Event logging where you can enable or Disable Event logging.
  10. McAfee personal Firewall monitors the Internet Traffic. Because many Internet service providers are having limitations on bandwidth which you can use per month, so might be you need to find out which one of your program needs higher bandwidth.