Mcafee Mobile Security

It’s a new Mobile world where it offers u to surf internet safely and confidently on your mobile with the popular Mcafee Mobile Security Activation Code . When you are using new apps, shop online, browsing social sites, or using device for banking and online payments, McAfee Mobile Security will help to protect from all Viruses,spywares,worms etc. When you are downloading a product immediate security and privacy scan is started. More than 150 million devices are protected worldwide, McAfee Mobile Security provides you the most robust,comprehensive mobile security solutions today in the market. It protects your personal information and also your identity with the help of McAfee Mobile Security.

There are various products of McAfee such as McAfee live safe, McAfee Antivirus plus, McAfee Internet security, McAfee Total Protection etc. you can install any one of them. All the products supports to Android Phones .

Features  of McAfee Mobile security :

  1. Antivirus: It protects you from viruses, spywares and also from harmful websites. McAfee Mobile Security helps you to search and shop securely and also to stay safe on Social media or on social sites. It also gives you the confidence to connect to Wi-Fi and to use the Internet as much as you can. McAfee Mobile Security Help
  2. Anti-theft: McAfee Mobile Security will help you to Locate, track and send alarm using online portal. It also provides a facility to Lock and wipe to prevent misuse of your personal data. And  also gives the feature to get a snapshot of the person holding your lost device with Capture Cam.
  3. Performance: McAfee Mobile Security improves  your phone with Battery Optimizer. Easily access key features through the Device.
  4. Privacy: Selectively share access to your apps by setting up different profiles McAfee Mobile Security Help. Know what information your apps are collecting and decide whether you’d like to keep them.

McAfee Mobile Security will support Browsers such as Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Firefox 30 or higher, Safari 6.1 or higher,Chrome. McAfee Mobile Security App is compatible with Android 2.3+ (Android 6.0 Marshmallow included); Android One.

McAfee Mobile Security for USA and UK

McAfee Mobile Security for USA and UK offers comprehensive protection against mobile device losses, viruses, and Web threats so that Android users can keep their personal lives, thwart identity thieves, and connect with confidence.If you want to get help to activate mcafee mobile security, then visit . Because it some difficult to activate it on mobile. It helps Scans for malicious code in files, memory cards, applications, Internet downloads, text messages and attachments. Lock, backup, locate and erase data from the device remotely, and even restore personal content to another device. Blocks potential phishing sites, browser exploits, and malicious links in text messages, emails, social networking sites, and QR codes. Filters spammers, invalid numbers, and unwanted knowledge. Analyzes and verifies applications for different types and levels of access and associations with risky URLs so that users can know how applications access personal data. Locks specific applications, such as social networking apps, to prevent privacy breaches. Responds and protects against the increasing frequency of fake and malicious apps and the noticeable increase in mobile spam.

Steps for installing McAfee on your Mobile or Tablet 

  1. Get Activation code from email or get the activation code from your McAfee retail card.
  2. In your mobile browser select the link to open the download page.
  3. Select Download McAfee Mobile security.
  4. Follow the instructions which are provided online on your screen and install your application.
  5. Complete your installation by typing your activation code and the email address from which you received the confirmation email.
  6. Create a six-digit PIN. You must have this PIN when you log in to the McAfee Mobile Security website to remotely manage your tablet.
  7. Select Register.
  8. Review your information and then select Finish.