The McAfee retail card is the easiest way to proceed for McAfee Activate and the online installation. Because this will prevent you from installing the latest version of Security Product. You just need a valid 25-digit product key to install an online antivirus. Mcafee Retailcard If you purchase from wallmart then after that you have to redeem that mcafee retailcard on your pc by downloading mcafee and installing it.After that your subscription is get started on your pc. It not only protects your valuable data, but also offers secure online browsing and transactions. By installing it on your system, you will be able to get rid of all the worries regarding the security of your data. McAfee antivirus regularly scans all files stored on your computer as well as new downloads (if any), and warns you if it detects viruses that could be harmful to your system.

Activate Mcafee retail card for UK and USA

If you want to install mcafee security products then first of all you should activate activate mcafee retail card for UK and USA .You can buy the McAfee product online and in the store because it is available at any available store near you. So you can easily buy the McAfee Retail Card or because we simply need the 25-digit alphanumeric characters listed on the back of the McAfee Retail Card for McAfee Activation. If you purchase McAfee from any online store, you must receive an email containing your 25-character alphanumeric product key.

Instructions for activating mcafee retailcard on your pc

1.Open McAfee Retail card activation or redemption page

  1. Mcafee is a common page for activating mcafee retailcard.
  2. The website address is  is used to redeem mcafee card.
  3. If above url is not give you the proper page.
  4. Just do one thing go to google search engine to find correct page.

2.Select the right country,product and pin number.

  1. On the page of retailcard  activation page select the right name of your country.
  2. Enter the pin number which is given on retailcard which you have purchased.
  3. After that you have scratch the activation code which is given on backside of retailcard.

3.How to redeem retailcard

  1. After scratch out that card you will get activation code you have to put this code on that page.
  2. Enter email address and password.

4.How to Download Mcafee

  1. There is one link will appear on  that page down load you will have to click on that download to get started the download.
  2. Run the installation program or the setup program.