The need to install or have a McAfee antivirus installed on your computer is a major advantage. The McAfee Antivirus acts as a guard to protect enemies that could harm your computer. it’s a worry-free security. It is primarily used to protect your website from blocking Web threats and viruses, such as worms, Trojans, and other malicious software. You can install the McAfee antivirus directly online and, in another way, from a CD.

How to install Mcafee Antivirus from cd

Step 1– Before you install McAfee Antivirus, you must first install a CD in the authorized McAfee computer center or accessory stores. Do not fail to collect the right but rather if it duplicates and your money is lost, useless.

Step 2– Check your computer before installing the CD; if an antivirus program running on your computer removes it from the control panel, because two antivirus programs running at a time may conflict and this does not really suit you.

Step 3 – After checking that there is no other antivirus program on your computer, insert the CD into your computer’s CD drive and wait a moment until you see the McAfee Security Setup window .

Step 4 – If you see the installation window tap the Next button option, if you do not see the installation window, click the Start menu bar and go to my computer running Windows 7 or Vista. Then double-click the CD drive icon or the removable disk option to launch the required McAfee configuration disk.

Step 5 – Therefore, press the following button, then “accept” the option of the license agreement and the OK or next button. However, you must select a custom or standard installation option.

Step 6– Finally, you have to press the next button several times. Therefore, choose the level of protection to promote and follow the instructions on the screen by pressing the following button, then you will get the install button and then the install button. If you now see an update box, click on it to get the latest version.

Step 7– Finally, click the Finish button for the necessary steps. When done, restart your computer and enjoy worry-free work and navigation.