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Activate McAfee Total Protection

There are different ways of activating McAfee Total Protection services on your PC – One standard installation procedure and two advanced installation procedures. In this article, we shall only discuss the standard installation procedure as it is quite popular and followed by many McAfee users.

Standard installation of McAfee Total Protection

In Standard installation procedure, URL is made use of to install McAfee Total Protection on each client computer.

  1. You can use get in the welcome e-mail message to install McAfee Total Protection on your computer and then access the Security Center website. Remember, this URL will specific to the protection services you’ve subscribed to and will be set in your default language.
  2. Alternatively, you can custom develop URL and then use it on the McAfee Total Protection website to install the software.

How does installation of McAfee Total Protection process work?

  1. You can choose between two options – use the URL ( you get on the Card
  2. Once you’ve selected the URL, send it across to users via e-mail along with instructions (if required).
  3. In the client computer, type in or copy-paste the URL into a browser window.

standard installation processes have minimum system requirements 

Yes, as is the case with other software, to Activate McAfee Total Protection on your client computer:

  1. A reliable internet connection has to be there for the client computer.
  2. Local administration rights have to be there to the client computer’s user.

Activate McAfee Total Protection for USA and UK

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Passing installation McAfee total protection to users

There are two ways how you can receive company-specific URL as an administrator:

  1. Once you’ve signed up for McAfee Total Protection service, you’ll receive an e-mail containing URL that you can copy onto another e-mail for sending it to other users.
  2. The other option would be to access the McAfee Total Protection for creating customized URL for sending it to users.

The tasks that are given below can be used for creating customized installation URL:

  1. Log on to the McAfee Total Protection website using your web browser.
  2. Click ‘Add Computer’ from the Computers page.
  3. Now, select the group in which the client computers will be placed. Then select the language for the software and type of protection that needs to be installed. Then click ‘Next’. Once this is done, a customized URL will get displayed along with a set of instructions.
  4. Select ‘Select Text and Copy to Clipboard.’
  5. Paste the text you have copied onto your local e-mail application.
  6. If required, make changes to the text and send it to users who will be using the software.

Installing using URL

Once you’ve downloaded the URL, follow these steps to install and activate McAfee Total Protection:

  1. In the client computer open the email message and click the installation URL.
  2. You’ll next be prompted to type your e-mail address and type of protection required. Enter the details and then click ‘Continue’.
  3. You’ll then be prompted to install the software. Click ‘Install’.
  4. A File Download box will then appear, click ‘Run’.
  5. Click ‘Continue’ when the User Account Control dialog box appears.
  6. Select ‘Restart’, if you want to install firewall support.