Activate McAfee Personal Firewall

There is a reason why activating McAfee Personal Firewall makes a lot of sense. This useful software serves as a barrier between your PC and the internet, thereby allowing you to control what goes into your PC and what goes out of it. This software is especially useful for monitoring suspicious activities and to enable protection to your PC without hindering any of your activities. In this article, we shall look at the best way to install and activate McAfee Personal Firewall.

Activate McAfee Personal Firewall Step by Step

Follow the instructions given below to install McAfee Personal Firewall on your PC:

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter you Product Code  or Just Fill out the Form and Create Account
  3. After Submitting the code, Login to McAfee Account 
  4. Download McAfee Personal Firewall
  5. If you have not installed McAfee Personal Firewall before then you may get a Security Window warning asking you to confirm whether you want to go ahead with the installation process. When this message comes before you, click ‘Yes’. When you do this, ‘McAfee Installer Control’ will run. Again, click ‘Yes’. When a second warning message pop-up before you, click ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  6. In the next step, the McAfee Personal Firewall window will appear on your PC. To start installing the software, click ‘Start Installation’ button. In case you want to reinstall the firewall then click ‘Reinstall McAfee Personal Firewall’.
  7. The process of installation will start automatically. Do not worry; the progress of the installation work will be displayed before you.
  8. Once the McAfee Personal Firewall installation is complete, several configuration windows will pop-up before you asking several questions to you. You can answer each of these questions to set the Personal Firewall according to your PCs security needs.

Activate McAfee Personal Firewall for USA and  UK

Activate McAfee Personal Firewall for the USA and the UK to create and manage access permissions to new and existing programs that require inbound / outbound Internet access to your computer. This allows you to allow secure programs to access your computer and protect your computer from unauthorized programs. on A firewall is combination of hardware or software that detects and blocks viruses and hackers before they reach your computer or home network. Enable McAfee Personal Firewall software for USA and UK provides rules for controlling communications from other computers, websites, and applications. If the firewall detects a network communication for which no rules have been set, an alert prompts you to allow or block that communication.

Configuring McAfee Personal Firewall to complete the installation process

  1. In the first configuration window that appears before you, click ‘Start’. This will initiate installation questions for you.
  2. In the first question, you’ll be asked if you would like to share your printer and files to other users. If you want others to access your printer and files, then click ‘Yes, allow others to access my files’. Selecting this option also depends on whether you’re on a network or not. You shouldn’t be selecting this option, for example, if you’re not on a network.
  3. To continue with the next step, click ‘Next’.
  4. In the next question, you’ll be asked if you use a cable modem or DSL to get connected to the internet. In case you’re using any of these connections for your internet, then please click ‘Yes, I use DSL or a cable modem’. Else, do not click the option.
  5. To continue with the next step, click ‘Next’.
  6. In the next question, you’ll be asked whether you are connected to LAN (Local Area Network) and/or a network printer. If you’re connected to any of these, then click ‘Yes, I am connected to a LAN’. Do not select this option if you’re not connected to any of these networks.
  7. To continue with the next step, click ‘Next’.
  8. In the next window, you’ll be asked whether you want to protect your McAfee Personal Firewall settings with a password. It is recommended that you choose a password for this step. For this, click ‘Yes, I want a password’ option. Click ‘Next’ to set the password you’ve chosen. In the next step, in the ‘Enter Password’ box, enter a password of your choice. In the next box, in the ‘Confirm Password’, re enter the password you’ve chosen. Click ‘Next’.
  9. In the final step, click ‘Reboot’ to restart your computer once the installation and configuration step is over. Rebooting your computer is necessary for the changes to take effect.