Activate McAfee Internet Security

Activating McAfee Internet Security on your Apple or Windows 10 computer is easy, provided you follow all the steps correctly. This article will certainly help you in this regard.

Remember : Before you get started with the McAfee installation process on your PC or Mac, just open your ‘Downloads’ folder and check whether any McAfee installer files is already there or not. If these files are already there, then consider renaming them as it could confuse your Operating System into using a wrong installer and thereby disrupting your activation procedure entirely.

Downloading McAfee Internet Security Installer

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your McAfee Internet Security Product Key
  3. Select ‘My Account’ and then ‘Sign In’.
  4. Enter your McAfee credentials and then ‘Log in’.
  5. Then select McAfee Internet Security under ‘My Apps’.
  6. Go to ‘Protect all your devices section’ and click the ‘Download’ button.
  7. To continue further, click ‘I’ve read and accept the McAfee License Agreement’.
  8. If you’re able to see the serial number just below the ‘Download’ button then it is better to note it down. You might just need it while activating the product.
  9. Now, click ‘Download’. The file will get saved in your default location.

Remember: The validity of the serial number is just two hours. Therefore, if the serial number expires or you want to install the product at a later stage, you need to generate a new serial number accordingly. For this, you may need to follow all the steps again.

Installing McAfee Internet Security

  1. Open the folder in which you have downloaded the file and then double-click on it.
  2. Now, to start the installation process, double-click the ‘McAfee-MacInstaller’ or ‘McAfee-MsInstaller’ icon.
  3. If prompted, enter your Mac or Windows administrator credentials.
  4. In the installer window that will pop up, type the ‘Serial Number’ you made a note of before. Now, wait for the installer downloads and scanning of your computer.
  5. Follow all the instructions that will come your way as it will enable you to activate McAfee Internet Security software. Click ‘Finish’ when the installation process is done.
  6. For accepting ‘SiteAdvisor extension’, click ‘Trust’ when you’re prompted to do so.

Remember: If you’re installing McAfee Internet Security for the first time then your firewall may prompt to run a warning message. In case you’re a recipient of this message and intend to set up your PC on your home network, it is better to select ‘Home or Work’ option. The ‘default network rule’ will be applied by the McAfee firewall after the installation process is complete, just in case you fail to set ‘Home and Work’ option as your preferred network location or fail to get the pop-up message.

Activate McAfee Internet Security for USA and UK

Activate McAfee Internet Security for USA and UK has specific tools for detecting malware, spam, and malicious websites. Activate McAfee Internet Security can exclude any item from scanning and its quick scan has examined our system in less than a minute. Activate on McAfee Internet Security for USA and UK also has a vulnerability scanner that checks for non-implemented software updates and scans the local network for identify protected systems. And it now includes TrueKey, a password manager recently purchased by the Intel parent company, which also allows you to sign in with a biometric identifier, such as a fingerprint or face, if a device supports it. Be careful, if you forget the master password, McAfee can not recover your other passwords.

Configuring McAfee Internet Security

Accessing local resources may get affected in case you set your network rule to ‘Public’. However, if you choose ‘private IP range’ as your network, then you need to follow the steps that are given below to change your network type to ‘Home and Office’.

  1. Select ‘McAfee Internet Security Preferences’ after clicking the ‘McAfee Security Icon’.
  2. If not selected already, click the ‘Firewall’ option.
  3. If locked, click the ‘padlock’ option. Now, select ‘Home or Work’ option under ‘Type’ option.
  4. To close the window, click the Red button.